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Brenda Jimenez
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January 15th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, we honor Brenda Jimenez, CEO of @mentornewyork. MENTOR New York’s mission is to fuel the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for young people and close the mentoring gap in New York State. Brenda was appointed CEO of MENTOR New York in December 2019. She led the organization through a time of pandemic and racial unrest — pivoting to expand services to those in need while continuing to support their longtime partners.Under her leadership, Brenda has increased partner engagement and developed resources, tools, and services that have allowed mentoring programs throughout New York to serve more than 80,000 young people. Brenda has received numerous recognitions for her work, including four Stevie Awards for women in business. We thank her for her leadership and commitment to creating meaningful mentorship for young people.”

Joneè Billy
PowerPlay NYC, Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships & External Affairs
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January 29th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by #EmpireBlueCrossBlueShield, we honor Joneè Billy Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships and External Affairs at PowerPlay NYC. PowerPlay’s programs for girls and young women seek to stem the decline in confidence that occurs three times more often in girls than boys from elementary school to high school. If girls don’t see it, they won’t do it. Girls miss opportunities to learn from positive female role models who look like them. Using sports as their hook, PowerPlay starts a dialogue, offers the chance for critical and analytical thinking, and opens the door to personal, academic, and career growth for girls at all stages of their development.



Felicia Mosley Smith
Youth Justice Network, Associate Executive Director
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February 12th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by @EmpireBCBS honors Felicia Mosley Smith, Associate Executive Director at @YouthJusticeNY. Their mission is to break cycles of incarceration and build an equitable justice system. We thank her for her advocacy work for the youth of NYC.

Renee Blackman
Chef Renee Blackman
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February 26th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by @EmpireBCBS, we honor @chef_blackman. Born and raised in Barbados, Chef Renee Blackman has always been passionate about food and culture. After discovering her niche of combining food and art at a young age, Chef Renee began creating elaborate dishes for friends and family, inspired by her mother and grandmother. We thank her for her innovation and skill within the culinary industry.

MARCH 2023


Tracy Green
Vontelle Eyewear, Co-Founder & CEO
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March 12th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by #EmpireBlueCrossBlueShield, we honor Tracy Green, the Co-Founder & CEO of Vontelle Eyewear. We thank this trailblazer for filling the gaps and using her creativity to build confidence in people around the world.




Ariana Butler-Bass
PS 398 Walter Weaver, Principal
February 13th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield is Principal Ariana Butler-Bass. She’s been with the Department of Education for 14 years having held the titles of teacher, assistant principal, and now principal. The Liberty and Empire BlueCross BlueShield have partnered to support P.S. 398 through the creation of an in-school food pantry. Principal Butler-Bass’ ultimate goal for all children are for them to meet or exceed proficiency in reading, writing, and math, while also cultivating a joy and desire for learning in a loving environment. We thank her for her leadership and commitment to the students and our community.

MARCH 2022


Sarah Silverman
Funny Face Bakery, Founder
March 6th – This week’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS is Sarah Silverman, founder of NYC’s @bakeryface. In 2016, she transformed a hole-in-the-wall into a pop-culture bakery with sweet treats inspired by breaking and meme-worthy moments that are often deemed “too pretty to eat”.

Shea Dawson 
Overtime, Sr. Director of Athlete & Community Relations
March 20th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by #EmpireBlueCrossBlueShield, we honor Shea Dawson, Senior Director of Athlete Relations at @overtime . She is an advocate for athletes and a pro pathway educator that never stops grinding. March 2021 gave her a new project on her resume, helping launch @ote (Overtime Elite) a transformative new sports league that offers the world’s most talented young basketball players another pathway to becoming professional athletes. Shea’s experience as a former player development manager for the Philadelphia 76ers and as an older sister of two elite basketball players has taught her a thing or two about what it takes to get to the NBA. As Shea says, “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart!” We thank her for advocating and preparing our next generation of athletes.

Laura Brosen RN, MSJ 
Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Clinical Quality Program Director
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March 27th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by #EmpireBlueCrossBlueShield , we honor Laura Brosen, Clinical Program Quality Director of Empire BlueCross BlueShield. She is on the front lines of advancing their mission to materially and measurably improve the health of all New Yorkers, frequently joining health events in person and engaging with the community about how to live their best lives. She is a registered nurse by background and is passionate about health and wellness. She also spent time working for the City of New York on quality improvement. We thank her for her commitment to improving the health and wellness of all New Yorkers.

APRIL 2022


Natalie White
Moolah Kicks, Founder & CEO
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April 10th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by #EmpireBlueCrossBlueShield, we honor Natalie White, Founder and CEO of @moolahkicks, the first footwear brand focused specifically on women’s basketball. Built by and for female ballers, @moolahkicks embodies both purpose and performance. This female-focused basketball brand blazed into the industry in 2020 with its sights set on elevating basketball for female ballers in every dimension — from performance to products, packaging, and press. Moolah Kicks have commercially produced sneakers that biomechanically fit female ballers, decreasing the risk of injury and elevating performance. We thank her for her dedication and passion for advancing the necessary tools needed for female athletes.
Linda Shelton
The Joyce Theater, Executive Director & Trustee
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April 24th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor Linda Shelton, Executive Director and a trustee of @TheJoyceTheater. We thank her for her commitment to providing artists a supportive and creative home at @TheJoyceTheater.

MAY 2022


Sarah Sukumaran
Lilith NYC, Founder & CEO
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May 8th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS, we honor Sarah Sukumaran, CEO & Founder of @Lilithnyc. Lilith NYC brings together design with functionality in a sneaker silhouette that is rooted in performance. We thank her for creating a brand for all women to express themselves.

Frances Cha
“If I Had Your Face”, Author
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May 22nd – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor @Frances_H_Cha, author of “If I Had Your Face”, named one of the Best Books of the Year by @TIME. We thank her for her writing and for giving voice to the Asian experience through her craft.

JUNE 2022


Kierra Johnson
National LGBTQ Task Force, Executive Director
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June 19th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor Kierra Johnson, Executive Director of the @TheTaskForce. She is recognized as a national expert on queer and reproductive rights issues. We thank her for her leadership and dedication to fighting for equitable rights.

Jay Toole
Butch, Activist/Storyteller
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June 26th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor Jay Toole, Activist, Storyteller, Butch. Jay is an advocate for homeless LGBT+ youth. We thank her for her advocacy work and for sharing her stories to the next generation.

JULY 2022


Laura Katz
Helaina, Founder and CEO
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July 17th – Today’s #SHINELOUDSUNDAY presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor Laura Katz, Founder, and CEO of Helaina. Founded in 2019, Helaina is the first company to produce human milk proteins that are identical to those in breast milk, creating a new category of infant formula. Helaina was founded on the belief that breastfeeding should not define the health of a child or the worth of a parent. We thank her for her innovation and for striving to provide the necessary tools for today’s parents.

Alex Taylor
 Hoop York City, Founder
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July 24th – Today’s #SHINELOUDSUNDAY presented by @EmpireBCBS  we honor Alex Taylor, founder of @hoopyorkcity. Founded in 2018, Alex wanted to create what she felt was missing in her own life: a sense of community and sisterhood that she once felt growing up playing sports.



Martine McDonald
Practice Wonder, Founder
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August 7th – Today’s #SHINELOUDSUNDAY presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor Martine McDonald, Film Curator & Educator. In founding her own business, Practice Wonder, Martine is dedicated to cultivating belonging and amplifying excluded voices in film.

Ruth Jurgensen
Prep for Prep, CEO
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August 28th – Today’s #SHINELOUDSUNDAY presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor Ruth Jurgensen, CEO of @Prep_for_Prep. A passionate teacher and education leader, Ruth has more than a decade of experience serving in senior leadership positions at independent schools in New York City and Chicago.



Cynthia Koo
Wonton in a Million, Founder
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September 18th – Today’s #SHINELOUDSUNDAY presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor @cynkoo, Founder of @wontoninamil. Wonton in a Million was born in 2015 and was inspired by the Chinese cuisine she loves so much.

Randell Bynum
Girl Scouts of Nassau County, N.Y., CEO
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September 25th – Today’s #SHINELOUDSUNDAY presented by @EmpireBCBS we honor Randell Marie Bynum, CEO of @GSNC. Rande has been CEO for @GSNC since 2017. A third generation Girl Scout, Rande brings decades of experience enhancing the efforts of nonprofit organizations.



Vina Morris
AfroPink, Inc., Founder
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October 23rd – Today’s #SHINELOUDSUNDAY presented by @EmpireBCBS, we honor Vina Morris, Founder of @AfroPinkinc. Founded in 2019 & inspired by Vina’s battle with breast cancer & her vision to both educate & provide a community for people of color to come to for breast cancer awareness.



Yasmeen Hamza
Womankind, CEO
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November 6th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, we honor Yasmeen Hamza, CEO of @iamwomankind. Womankind was founded over 40 years ago in New York City to address the needs of Asian survivors of domestic violence. The organization provides multilingual and culturally responsive services to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence to rise above trauma and build a path toward healing. Through their programs, Womankind offers survivors access to a safe place to live, counseling, legal assistance, wellness activities, and more. We thank her for her commitment and vision to provide survivors with the necessary resources to help rebuild their lives.

Jilly Stephens
City Harvest, CEO
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November 20th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, we honor Jilly Stephens, CEO of @cityharvestnyc. Jilly Stephens joined City Harvest in 2004 as the VP of Program Service. She became the Chief Executive Officer of City Harvest in 2006. She has overseen City Harvest’s efforts to meet the rising demand for emergency food, while putting in place long-term initiatives to address the health and nutrition needs of low-income communities in New York City ever seen.City Harvest was founded in 1982 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The organization aims to end hunger in communities throughout New York City and is the world’s first and New York City’s largest food rescue organization. City Harvest collects excess food from restaurants, grocers, bakeries, Greenmarkets, corporate cafeterias, manufacturers, and farms. The food is then delivered to community food programs throughout New York City without charge. We thank her for her leadership and commitment to providing New Yorkers access to much-needed nutrition.



Sarah Birnbaum
New York Special Needs Support, Founder
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December 4th –Today’s  #ShineLoudSunday, presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, we honor Sarah Birnbaum, the founder of New York Special Needs Support. Sarah is a parent advocate and special education advisor. As a parent of a child with special needs, she has been navigating this world for many years, learning the ins and outs of services and educational options in New York. She has gained a wealth of knowledge about therapies, agencies, schools, governmental bodies, and best practices in working with any of them. She uses her personal and professional experiences to help others through her consultancy practice; New York Special Needs Support. We thank her for her expertise and dedication to providing these resources for families.

Alésha Smith
PeacePlayers Brooklyn, Program Director
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December 18th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday, presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, we honor Alésha Smith, Program Director of @peaceplayers_us. Alésha is dedicated to the intersection of sport and social justice and centers on the transformational power sport has to build and maintain community.

She continues this work at PeacePlayers Brooklyn, within a nationwide network that engages over 100 youth, ages 8-18, in sustained, sports-based after-school programming led by committed & effective local coaches. We thank her for her commitment to developing today’s leaders.




Becky Hammon
San Antonio Spurs, Assistant Coach
January 3rdThis #ShineLoudSunday we recognize #LibertyLegend @BeckyHammon for becoming the first Woman to serve as Head Coach in an @NBA game! Thank you for creating a new path and taking another step further for Women athletes working towards coaching in the men’s game!


Bianca Smith
Boston Red Sox, Minor League Coach
January 10th This #ShineLoudSunday we congratulate @biancaesmith12 for joining the @RedSox and becoming the first Black woman to coach in professional baseball history. You are truly a trailblazer and we’re excited for your future as you continue to inspire young women to coach baseball.


Nancy Twine
Briogeo, Founder
January 17th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to @NancyTwine founder of @briogeohair, an NYC based beauty collection inspired by the city’s vibrant culture. Thank you for embracing diversity and offering natural products that cater to the nuances that makes everyone’s hair unique.


Naj Austin
Ethel’s Club, Founder
January 24th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to @najjmahal, founder of @ethelsclub, a Brooklyn based healing space that celebrates people of color. Thank you for providing a community designed for people to grow through conversation, wellness and creativity.


Myriam Simpierre
Buy Better Foods, Founder
January 31stThis #ShineLoudSunday we recognize Myriam Simpierre, founder of @BuyFoods, a Black, LGBT+ Woman-owned Food Market & Learning Center in Brooklyn. We appreciate your commitment to providing better access to health and wellness products and instructional workshops in our community.


MARCH 2021


Diane Nisbet
Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Business Change Director
March 7th This #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Diane Nisbet, Business Change Director at Empire BCBS. Diane has volunteered as Leader of a local Community Council to coordinate and organize social responsibility activities.


Nkem Oghedo
Adá Supper Club, Founder
March 14th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Nkem Oghedo, Founder of Adá Supper Club, which celebrates Black and female expression through foods that are normally excluded from fine dining and of the African Diaspora.


Jessica Schreiber
March 21st #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Jessica Schreiber Founder & CEO of @FAB_SCRAP, an innovative textile recycling organization changing the waste stream in NYC. Thank you for this unique model that gives away recycled fabric to students, artists, crafters and more.


Lauren Blodgett
The Brave House, Founder/Executive Director
March 28th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to @LegallyBlodge, Founder of @TheBraveHouse, which supports immigrant women. This non-profit helps survivors of gender-based violence through mentorship, legal support, and more. Thank you for offering a safe space for women in NYC.


APRIL 2021


Manisha Franklin-Reynolds
Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Director of Community Relations
April 4th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Manisha Franklin, Director of Community Relations at Empire BlueCross BlueShield. Manisha’s personal purpose is to be of service to others, focusing on women, children, people of color and other underrepresented communities.


Karole T. Collier 
Twice As Hard Apparel, Founder & M.D. Candidate
April 11th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Karole T. Collier an M.D. candidate and founder of @TwiceAsHard_, an apparel company that celebrates activism in medicine for minorities. Collier’s brand is filled with powerful statements that amplify Black voices.


Delicia B. Davis
The Luxe Library, Author/Founder
April 18th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Delicia B. Davis, Author & Founder of The Luxe Library. Davis’ books focus on the physical and mental wellness within our youth, while her library offers a lounge and customized bookclubs for all.


Deborah Tanudirjo & Elizabeth Margareth
Sunday Service Creamery, CEOs/Co-Founders
April 25th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Deborah Tanudirjo & Elizabeth Margaretha, co-founders of Sundae Service Creamery, an Asian women-owned online ice cream parlor. While serving Asian-inspired treats, they also focus on sustainability and community partnerships.


MAY 2021


DJ Mei Kwok
Let’s Take Care, Creator/Founder
May 2nd #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to DJ Mei Kwok, Founder of Lets Take Care, a loungewear brand that encourages their member community to deepen their self-care practices. #AAPIHeritageMonth


Sarah Nguyen
Nguyen Coffee Supply, Founder
May 9th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Sahra Nguyen (@oneouncegold), Founder of @NguyenCoffeeNYC, the first specialty Vietnamese coffee company in the US importing via direct-trade. #AAPIHeritageMonth


Lin Chen
Pink Moon, CEO/Founder
May 16th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS | Lin Chen is CEO + Founder of @pinkmoonco, a NYC based brand aiming to uplift & transform the beauty industry. By centering women, sustainability, philanthropy, & wellness, she’s created a more conscious beauty space. #AAPIHeritageMonth


Jessica Tse
Notte Jewlry, Founder
May 23rd Today’s #ShineLoudSunday feature presented by @EmpireBCBS is Jessica Tse, founder of #NotteJewelry. Tse turned her passion for jewelry into a fun, lifestyle accessories brand with a fun mix of NYC quirk & la dolce vita daydreams; wearable art that sparks joy! #AAPIHeritageMonth


Christine Alcalay
Christine Alcalay, Founder
May 30th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday feature presented by @EmpireBCBS is @calcalay, a BK-based womenswear designer. A Vietnamese immigrant, Alcalay’s namesake collection is a transformative storytelling tool for feminine yet powerful women; the ultimate fashion statement. #AAPIHeritageMonth


JUNE 2021


Natalia Guerrero
Lion’s Tooth Project, Executive Director
June 6th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS is Natalia Guerrero, Executive Dir. of #LionsToothProject, a BK-based org using photography & herbalism to inspire immigrant, queer, trans BIPOC youth to have agency over their wellness, healing + personal stories. #OwnYourPride


Nicole Zïzi
Nicole Zïzi Studio, Founder
June 13th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday feature presented by @EmpireBCBS is @nicolezizi, founder of @nicolezizistudi, a brand focused on eco-conscious, sustainability, and innovation in gender-free premium streetwear.


Kiyanna Stewart & Jannah Handy
BLK MKT Vintage, Founders
June 20th #ShineLoudSunday feature presented by #EmpireBCBS is Kiyanna & Jannah. They’re both Brooklyn natives, partners in “life, love & vintage” & they founded BLK MKT Vintage in 2014 to curate a representation of the richness of Black history & lived experience through vintage wares.


Rita Sodi & Jody Williams
Via Carota, Co-founders/Chefs
June 27th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday featured presented by @EmpireBCBS are Rita Sodi and Jody Williams. This partnership duo in work and love are the chefs of the West Village gastroteca, @ViaCarota, which honors old-world Italian roots, lifestyle, food, and décor. #OwnYourPride


JULY 2021


Anita Trehan
Chaiwali, Owner/Chef
July 4th #ShineLoudSunday presented by #EmpireBlueCrossBlueShield goes to Anita Trehan, chef and owner of Harlem’s @chaiwalinyc. Her restaurant provides a healthier eating style using mainly sustainable and plant-based ingredients.


Beatrice Ajaero
IBARI and Nneji, Founder
July 11th#ShineLoudSunday presented by #EmpireBlueCrossBlueShield goes to Beatrice Ajaero, Founder of IBARI and @nneji_astoria, a gift shop and eatery. Her passion for food began at a young age when her Nigerian relatives introduced her to traditional West African dishes growing up.


Michelle Alerte
New Women Space, Owner
July 18th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Michelle Alerte, owner of New Women Space, an inclusive Brooklyn-based community-led event space. @newwomenspace is led by and made for women, POC, femme, queer, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals.


Lilly Rojas
Lili and Cata Nail Salon, Co-founder
July 25th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Lilly Rojas, co-founder of Lili and Cata Nail Salon. Lili and Cata’s philosophy is that caring for your nails should be a beauty ritual free from worries or concerns.




Kazusa Jibiki
Lovely Day Restaurant, Owner
August 1st #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Kazusa Jibiki, Founder and Owner of Lovely Day Restaurant in Manhattan. Lovely Day is a Thai-inspired restaurant in Nolita that includes affordable Asian and American comfort food.


Lauren Sorenson
StoneFruit Espresso, Owner
August 8th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Lauren Sorenson, Owner of StoneFruit Espresso. Located in Bed-Stuy, StoneFruit Espresso is a farm-to-table conscious café prioritizing a healthy lifestyle.


Kai Avent-deLeon
Sincerely, Tommy, Owner
August 15th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Kai Avent-deLeon, Owner of Sincerely, Tommy. Sincerely, Tommy is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle boutique with an in-house coffee bar focusing on womenswear, lifestyle brands, and the community.


Marie Mamouzette
Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Community Outreach Manager
August 22nd #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Marie Mamouzette, the Community Outreach Manager at Empire BlueCross BlueShield. She is at the heart of building a bridge to the communities Empire serves in New York.


Lauren Singer
Package Free Shop, Founder
August 29th #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS goes to Lauren Singer, founder of Package Free Shop. Package Free Shop is a low-waste lifestyle store with a mission to make the world less trashy.




Cassandra Perry
163rd Street Improvement Council, Executive Director
September 5thThis week’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS is Cassandra Perry, Executive Director of @163council, servicing NYC’s most vulnerable clients in finding affordable housing, advocates for people living with HIV and/or substance use, & those transitioning from homelessness.


Ngozi Okara
Custom Collaborative, Executive Director
September 12th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday feature presented by @EmpireBCBS is Ngozi Okara, Executive Director of Custom Collaborative. @CustomColab trains, mentors, and advocates for and with no/low-income and immigrant women to build the skills necessary to achieve economic success in fashion.


Hannah Stoudemire
Fashion for All Foundation, CoFounder/CEO
September 19th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday feature presented by @EmpireBCBS is Hannah Stoudemire, co-founder and CEO of Fashion For All Foundation. In 2016, during NY Men’s Fashion Week, Stoudemire organized a silent demonstration protesting unlawful killings by police officers.


Priyanka Poddar
Knead Some Love NY, Founder/Owner
September 26th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS feature is first-generation Indian-American Priyanka Poddar, founder and owner of @KneadSomeLoveNY, which serves up Indian and American fusion desserts.




Yulisa Guzman
The Lovely You, Founder/Owner
October 3rdToday’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS is Yulisa Guzman founder & owner of The Lovely You in the Bronx. Turning a passion for beauty into a full-time brow service, Yulisa instills self-love in her 2K+ clients while also helping them achieve their #browgoals!


Daisy Wang
DAWANG, Founder
October 10th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS feature is Daisy Wang founder of DAWANG, a New York-based contemporary streetwear brand that draws influences from East and West.


Claudette Flatow
Cuisine By Claudette, Founder
October 24th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS is Amy Ling, founder of Sundays a New York based nail care brand focused on wellness; offering vegan, non-toxic products and mindful experiences.


Jennifer Wong & Santos Augstin
Gone to the Dogs, Co-owners
October 31st – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS feature is Jenn & Santos, cofounders of Brooklyn’s Gone to the Dogs pet store. After concerns about some materials in dog products, the two longtime pet owners created their own ethically made pet products.




Telsha Anderson
t.a. newyork, Founder
November 7th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS is Telsha Anderson (@motherjefe), owner t.a. new york a luxury boutique in the heart of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District catering to women embodying confidence and inclusivity.


Fayth Henderson
67th Precinct Clergy Council, Chief Strategist
November 14th – This week’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS feature is Fayth Henderson, an organizer, coalition builder and fierce advocate known for her skillful tact in building bridges through diverse communities.


Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton
Chillhouse, CEO
November 28th – Today’s #ShineLoudSunday presented by @EmpireBCBS is Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, CEO of Chillhouse, a café-spa in LES. Affectionately called the Queen of Chill, Ramirez-Fulton created Chillhouse as a way for people to seamlessly integrate self-care & chill vibes into their daily lives.


april 2020


Essential Workers
April 5th Special #LibertyLoud thank you to all of the essential workers in the community helping us navigate through the challenges of fighting COVID-19. We see and appreciate you true American heroes. #WNBATogether #ShineLoudSunday


Topeka K. Sam
The Ladies of Hope Ministries, Executive Director
April 12th This Easter Sunday we recognize @topekaksam and @thelohm for their selfless mission to help disenfranchised women transition back into society. We appreciate your generous efforts, feeding higher risk families and hospital employees throughout NYC. #WNBATogether #ShineLoudSunday


Arielle Kandel
New Women NY, Founder
April 26th Today’s #ShineLoudSunday goes to Arielle Kandel, founder of @NewWomenNY for empowering immigrant women through workforce development programs, helping them land jobs and pursue higher education. Thank you for providing the women in our community with more opportunities.


MAY 2020


Ibtihaj Muhammad
Fencing, Olympic Medalist
May 3rd In celebration of Ramadan, this #ShineLoudSunday goes to @IbtihajMuhammad. She’s the first Muslim female Olympic medalist, but more importantly an advocate for gender equality and inclusivity for all by supporting @KidsPlayIntl, @athletes4impact, and the @SpecialOlympics.


Lorena Vivas
Mount Sinai, ICU Nurse
May 10th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to Lorena Vivas, a nurse for 20 yrs, now working at Mount Sinai’s COVID-19 ICU. She’s proudly been a Liberty Season Ticket Member since 2009. We sincerely thank you for your service to New Yorkers during this pandemic. #WNBATogether #NationalNursesWeek


Vanessa Wakeman
Wakeman Agency, CEO
May 17th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to a champion of PR and NY native, @VanessaWakeman. As one of the few black women to own a social change agency, @thewakemanagency, she created the She Roars training program. Thank you for amplifying women’s voices in the nonprofit/philanthropy sector.


JUNE 2020


Wilhelmia Perry
LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent, Co-founder
June 28th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to Wilhelmina Perry, co-founder of the LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent. This group was formed to combat discrimination, exclusion & intimidation of LGBT persons in our church communities. Thank you for being educators & advocates for LGBT rights.


JULY 2020


Audre Lorde
Writer, Feminist, Civil Rights Activist
July 5th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to @audrelorde for providing LGBTQ+ People of Color with a center for community organizing. They are working towards community wellness and economic justice. Grassroot organizations like The Audre Lorde Project are truly the foundation for change.


Martha Kamber
YWCA Brooklyn, CEO
July 12th – This #ShineLoudSunday goes to @marthakamber, CEO of @ywcabrooklyn, for leading the charge of eliminating racism, empowering women, standing for social justice, and providing affordable housing for over 300 women. We appreciate the commitment to our Brooklyn community.


Tola Lawal
GyrlWonder, Founder
July 19th This #ShineLoudSunday we recognize Tola Lawal, founder of @GyrlWonderOrg, a non-profit that empowers women of color between ages 17-22 through social impact, career exploration and objective alignment. Thank you for providing women with tools to turn their interests into careers.


Kimberlé Crenshaw
African American Policy Forum, Co-founder
July 26th #ShineLoudSunday goes to @sandylocks co-founder of the @AAPolicyForum and #SayHerName, which brings awareness to police brutality against black women. Coining the term intersectionality, Kimberlé Crenshaw addresses race matters globally. We appreciate your advocacy for justice.




Nancy Genova
100 Hispanic Women, President
September 20th In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, this #ShineLoudSunday presented by @HSpecialSurgery goes to Nancy Genova, President of @100hw. This non-profit encourages Latinas to be innovative and create partnerships. We admire your advocacy to improve Hispanic & Latinx communities.


Claudia Espinosa
LOVE Mentoring, Founder
September 27th — This #ShineLoudSunday presented by @HSpecialSurgery goes to Claudia Espinosa founder of @LOVEmentoring, a non-profit that stands for Latinas On the Verge of Excellence. We appreciate your commitment to empowering young Latinas through health interventions and mentorship.




Terri Acosta
New York Liberty, Head Athletic Trainer
October 4th This #ShineLoudSunday presented by @HSpecialSurgery goes to @terriacosta, the Liberty’s head athletic trainer and the only Hispanic head athletic trainer in the WNBA. We appreciate your support on and off the court, advocating for racial and gender equality.


Voces Latinas
October 11thToday’s #HispanicHeritageMonth #ShineLoudSunday@HSpecialSurgery feature is @voceslatinasQNY. The Queens, NY organization provides free COVID-19 testing, as well as domestic violence & HIV prevention resources. #VocesLatinas, thank you for your service to the LatinX community.


Rachel Cargle
The Loveland Foundation, Founder
October 18th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to @RachelCargle, founder of The Loveland Foundation, a charity that financially aids Black women and girls in need of therapy. We applaud your support of mental health that heals and empowers women through fellowship, listening tours, and more.


Beverly Bond
Black Girls Rock, Founder
October 25th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to @BEVERLYBOND, founder of @BLACKGIRLSROCK and editor of the upcoming book, “BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Owning Our Magic. Rocking Our Truth.” We appreciate this movement that celebrates, educates, and empowers Black girls to develop a positive self-identity.




Joanne N. Smith
Girls for Gender Equity, Founder & Black Girl Freedom Fund, Co-founder
November 1st This #ShineLoudSunday we recognize @JoanneNSmith, founder of @GGENYC, a non-profit providing economic development for Black women, and co-founder of @BlkGrlFreedom, a fund that advances the well being of Black girls. We appreciate your mission to create equal opportunity.


Kamala Harris
Vice President of the United States
November 8th A special #ShineLoudSunday goes to @KamalaHarris for making history as the first woman and first Black and Indian-American Woman to become Vice President of the United States, an achievement that will surely inspire the next generation.


Kim Ng
Miami Marlins, General Manager
November 15th This #ShineLoudSunday we recognize @Marlins General Manager, Kim Ng, for breaking barriers as the first woman and Asian-American to become a GM in @MLB history. Thank you for raising the bar for all women aspiring to be leaders in the front office.


Lauren Carson
Black Girls Smile, Founder
November 22nd This #ShineLoudSunday goes to @livinglaurenc founder of @BlackGirlsSmile, a non-profit that focuses on mental wellness for Black women by providing education and other supportive resources. Thank you for your commitment to helping Black women lead mentally healthy lives.


Sarah Fuller
Vanderbilt University, Kicker
November 29th This #ShineLoudSunday we recognize @SarahFuller_27 for becoming the first woman in college football history to play in a Power 5 game as the Kicker for @VandyFootball. We appreciate #SarahFuller for redefining #playlikeagirl and inspiring women athletes to pursue their dreams.




Farah Tanis
Women’s Blueprint, Founder
December 13th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to Farah Tanis, founder of @BlackWomensBP a non-profit organization helping Black women and girls gain social, political, and economic equity. Thank you for taking action through research, organizing, and policy advocacy for equality in our community.


Kenisha C. Dennis
Black Girls Can Inc., Founder
December 20th This #ShineLoudSunday goes to Kenisha C. Dennis, founder of @_Blackgirlscan a non-profit fostering the next generation of Black girl talent in the STEM field and more through educational programs, workshops, and events. Thank you for empowering the next generation of girls.