JJ Inducted Into George Washington University’s Athletics Hall of Fame

In the exhilarating atmosphere of George Washington University’s Athletics Hall of Fame, Jonquel Jones stood tall, million dollar grin plastered among the honored, her induction marking a pinnacle in her journey from collegiate standout to WNBA sensation. Drafted sixth overall in 2016, she made history as GW’s first-ever first-round pick, leaving an indelible legacy across 76 games from 2013 to 2016. Third in boards, fourth in scoring average, fifth in blocked shots, and 23rd in points, JJ was a force to be reckoned with leading the nation in rebounding during her senior season.

But it wasn’t just about stats – JJ’s infectious energy and undeniable talent captured hearts on and off the court. From consecutive All-American nods to her unforgettable senior campaign, she embodied Buff and Blue pride, with her success a testament to relentless determination and unwavering support from her GW family. As she stood in the spotlight, surrounded by cheers and applause, JJ knew that her induction wasn’t just about personal achievement; it was a celebration of the bonds forged and dreams realized at George Washington University.