A Closer Look Inside: NY Liberty Logo History

The New York Liberty recently unveiled its first-ever logo redesign after 24 years of franchise history.

Did you know that the New York Liberty were tied for the second-longest active logo in both the WNBA and NBA?

Until April 14, 2020, the New York Liberty, an original WNBA franchise, had the same logo since its inception in 1996. For 23 years, the Liberty have taken the court with the same logo design and wordmark. Although in 2019, the team began using the “NY” alternate logo as its primary, it was still a part of the original logo set. The long-standing design featured elements of blue, orange, seafoam green and black.

The NBA’s Chicago Bulls currently own the longest active logo in professional basketball by a large margin, having used the same design since 1966. Beyond that, the only logos that have remained unchanged since 1996 are the Los Angeles Sparks, Boston Celtics and New York Liberty.

How Did the Liberty Become… the Liberty?

In 1996, after developing a detailed list of choices, the team names were selected by the WNBA in partnership with the original franchises based on numerous factors. These included a tie to the NBA team name in that market, a link to a key characteristic of each city or state, and/or the creation of a name fitting the current sports landscape. It is no secret the Statue of Liberty is synonymous with New York City and the opportunities it presents. Unique to the New York market and the professional sports landscape, the concept of the New York Liberty was born.

A Look Behind the Shield

The New York Liberty’s newly redesigned primary logo salutes the franchise’s origin while embracing the team’s new era. It boasts a modern font, sleek lines, and fresh aesthetic to its most meaningful elements – the New York shield, torch, and black, white, and seafoam colors.

New York Shield –The shield emblazoned with N.Y. demonstrates the franchise’s impenetrable pride and love for its city, as New York’s premier women’s professional basketball team.  

Torch – The torch is a symbol of enlightenment. A beacon of light that represents virtues of egalitarianism — equality, liberation, and justice for all. The torch gives light and life to activist Fannie Lou Hamer’s famed words, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”

Seafoam – When the Statue of Liberty was originally unveiled in 1886, it was the color of copper. Nearly two decades later, the color transformed to patina, or seafoam green, due to the statue’s aging process and copper’s reaction with the air and elements. Seafoam represents the iconic Lady Liberty’s strength, power, and resilience.

Black & White – Polar opposites on their own, but together a unifying force. Black & White symbolizes the team celebrating the differences that unite our players, our fans, and our city. It also solidifies the familial bond between the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty.

A New Era of Liberty Basketball

With a new ownership group and a new home in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, now is a fitting time to commemorate the start of this exciting era with a new logo.

Jerseys featuring the team’s new logo will be available for presale exclusively on Saturday, April 18. Additional merchandise will be available online through the Liberty’s Team Store at a later date.