Season Reflection: DeMya Walker

Liberty post DeMya Walker averaged 3 points and 2.8 rebounds in 15.9 minutes per game this season. In her thirteenth year in the league, Walker provided a veteran presence on the team. At practices, Walkers voice was one of the loudest in the gym, directing players where to go on the floor. Having played for Head Coach John Whisenant on his 2005 championship team in Sacramento, Walker is familiar with the ins and outs of Coach Whiz White Line defensive strategy. Walkers biggest challenge was her health. Throughout the season she battled with banged up knees and was forced to miss a few games and many practices. At one point during the season, Walker only played in games and sat out all practices to rehab. Despite these obstacles, Walker consistently brought the intangibles when she stepped foot on the court. Walker could be counted on to spark the team by doing little things like taking a charge, grabbing an offensive rebound, poking a steal, or setting a strong screen for a shooter. Walker played the role of glue to a Liberty team that was forced to make many adjustments due to multiple player injuries.
By Ros Gold-Onwude

Post Season Chat with Plenette:

What's next for you?
I will go overseas but probably in January. I dont know where yet, players usually change in and out in December. Ive been doing this long enough that I know how things open up- Ill wait and see and then make a decision. Before then I hope to be working an internship in Houston. The internship would be in media, communications, marketing, or public relations. At this point of my career Im thinking about gaining business experience and Im trying out different things. Im going to study for the LSAT, too. Im also thinking of my six-year-old daughter. I want to stay in the US for a while so that she can attend an American school for two straight quarters.

What grade would you give yourself this season?
I think my value to this team, this season, was to bring the intangibles, do the dirty work, and be in the right place at the right time. I would give myself a B for doing the little things.

What did you find out about yourself this season?
Ros, Im a 14-year vet theres not much I dont know about myself already.

What does the team need to do to improve for next season?
Well need to continue to work on our chemistry. We need another take-charge scorer and a lock down defender.

What will you work on in the offseason?
Each year I re-evaluate. This time last season I worked on different offensive things, but that wasnt really my role this year. This year I will go back to the drawing board. Go overseas, score some points, work on extending my range.

As you get ready for your overseas season, what will you miss most?
Im going to miss my parents. Im from New Jersey and they all came out to see me. I got to spend time with my parents, my brothers, niece, nephews- it was exciting. Ive never been this close to my family.

What's your message to the fans?
They gave us an amazing amount of support, especially with the commute and travel to New Jersey. They stayed with us, always encouraging. The messages they send make a difference. Its a testament to them and Im appreciative.