Reshanda Gray: Tell me something about yourself.

Toni-Ann Adrian: I am 19. I go to SUNY New Paltz where I major in Psychology with a concentration in Psychobiology.

Reshanda Gray: Tell me the story behind your name.

Toni-Ann Adrian: My aunt suggested Toni, and my mom added Ann because they are Jamaican and that is a Jamaican thing to do.

Reshanda Gray: I like your name it is different. So your family is from Jamaica, how about you?

Toni-Ann Adrian: I was born and raised in Brooklyn.

Reshanda Gray: How did you get introduced to the YWCA Brooklyn and how long have you been part of it?

Toni-Ann Adrian: I have been part of the YWCA since my junior year of high school. I started because of their college access inquiry class. From there, I got into a whole bunch of stuff such as advocacy things, cat calling and more.

Reshanda Gray: Talk to me about college.

Toni-Ann Adrian: My first year of college was good. That is just how I would describe it.

Reshanda Gray: So you are telling me you had no hard times?

Toni-Ann Adrian: The hardest part was the financial aspect because financial aid wanted verification for everything. Overall, I feel like my life in high school prepared me for this time and my future. Not just high school but my life overall.

Reshanda Gray: Going back to your community, do you think you are a product of your community or do you think your community made you who you are today?

Toni-Ann Adrian: I think my community has made me who I am today. I see things going on in my community and the type of person I am, I just want to be the change that I want to see in my community.

Reshanda Gray: What are 3 words you would use to describe your first year?

Toni-Ann Adrian: New, different and exciting.

Reshonda Gray: Are you a first-generation college student?

Toni-Ann Adrian: Yes, I am.

Reshanda Gray: How do you feel about that?

Toni-Ann Adrian: It is hard being a first-generation college student, but my friends and I help each other and I try and use as much resources as possible including the YWCA.

Reshanda Gray: Share one thing you were surprised to learn about yourself.

Toni-Ann Adrian: I was surprised to learn how reserved I am. I like to sit back and observe but college allowed me to really see how socially selective I am.

Reshanda Gray: That is great! What is one thing about college that you wish someone warned you about?

Toni-Ann Adrian: Mental health. It is very important and also self-care is important as well.

Reshanda Gray: Name a woman who has inspired you and explain why.

Toni-Ann Adrian: Definitely my mom. She is a provider, a go-getter and a hard worker. I really admire that about my mom, she is so strong.

Reshanda Gray: Tell me one interesting fact about yourself.

Toni-Ann Adrian: I use to dance and am starting to get back into it.

Reshanda Gray: Fill in the blank: I am on a mission to: __________ .


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