Bria Hartley: Tell me about yourself.

Sydni Snaggs: I am 20 years old and live in Brooklyn, New York. I am a rising Junior at New York University (NYU). I study Public Administration, with a minor in Sociology and aside from my studies I love to create, dance, and much more.

Bria Hartley: How did you get introduced to the YWCA?

Sydni Snaggs: I started going to the YWCA during my freshman/sophomore year of high school. Where I attended their SAT tutoring program, but then got involved in their college access program. And recently just got elected Alumni President.

Bria Hartley: Being that you are a junior does graduating soon make you nervous or excited?

Sydni Snaggs: It makes me a little nervous, knowing I’m approaching my junior year of college, and I do not know my plans after college. I am more excited to know that one chapter is closing for another one to open.

Bria Hartley: Since you have been in college, what is the biggest lesson that you learned?

Sydni Snaggs: That you are the most important person in your life. You have the power to determine your own happiness, mental health and everything that goes into being yourself.

Bria Hartley: Who is a woman who has inspired you in your life?

Sydni Snaggs: At this phase in my life it is between Jada Pinkett Smith or Tracey Ellis Ross, but more towards Tracey Ellis Ross. I am trying to find myself and what makes me happy; and she stands for that.

Bria Hartley: What is your superpower?

Sydni Snaggs: It would be to Emulate; to be able to make someone feel they are the most important person at that time.

Bria Hartley: I am on a mission to ______

Sydni: I am on a mission to CREATE, IN ANY CAPACITY POSSIBLE.

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