Tanisha Wright: Tell me about yourself?

Susan Obatola: I am currently a Junior at Binghamton University, studying Economics.I live in Brooklyn, NY.

Tanisha Wright: What are your plans after college?

Susan Obatola: Right now I am a small business owner, so I hope to be able to continue and grow my business. As well as help younger girls, especially minorities start their own business.

Tanisha Wright: How did you get involved with the YWCA?

Susan Obatola: I got involved my freshman year of high school. I needed another outlet besides my guidance counselor to help prepare me for college. After talking with my counselor and doing my own research I found the YWCA Brooklyn. I started out in their SAT Prep program, but it then became a place that helped me with my confidence, building character, and much more.

Tanisha WrightHave you had the opportunity to pay that forward?

Susan Obatola: Yes, and not just with the YWCA but at my college as well. I take the lead in helping underclassmen in the HEOP program. And with being a member of the Black Student Union I am able to branch out and help others not just in the school setting.

Tanisha Wright: What would you say the greatest lesson you have learned with being in college?

Susan Obatola: I have learned it is okay to seek help from others. Because seeking help does not mean you are not strong. People have to realize that it is okay to need help, and it may not only benefit you but also the person you are asking for help.

Tanisha Wright: Talk to me about your business?

Susan Obatola: My business was launched January 31st. It’s called Adunni Angel Extensions and I sell lashes and hair extensions.

Tanisha Wright: Has there been any particular woman who has inspired you to start your own business?

Susan Obatola: I can think of multiple women who have inspired me. I take something from everyone to help build my business.

Tanisha Wright: If you can trade places with anyone for one day who would it be, and why?

Susan Obatola: Rihanna, because she is very dynamic, and purses a lot of things I want to do. When I think of her, I think of someone who has no problem trying different avenues to make money and does not stick to one career.

Tanisha Wright: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Susan Obatola: To take is easy on yourself. Being that I am a go getter for everything I want, I would tend to beat myself up when I felt things were not being accomplished. I had to realize that I am still learning and I have time to perfect my craft.

Tanisha Wright: Fill in the blank. I am on a mission _____________.

Susan Obatola: I am on a mission to CHANGE LIVES.

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