Tina Charles: How has the YWCA impacted you?

Chara Lyons: The YWCA has given me a space where I can be my true self. There are so many areas in my public school and my community where our voices are silent. They make it so that we know our voice matters and we can be heard.

Tina Charles: What school will you be attending in the fall?

Chara Lyons: Dartmouth College as a freshman5c.

Tina Charles: When will you head off to school?

Chara Lyons: September 16this my first day of classes but I will be leaving September 5th.

Tina Charles: What will you be majoring in?

Chara Lyons: Biomedical Engineering. I want to make medical technology.

Tina Charles: What made you choose that?

Chara Lyons: Taking a look at 3rdworld countries and seeing what they go through. I wanted to go into a major where I feel as if I can create something that solves problems.

Tina Charles: I can connect with you on that topic. Outside of that, are there any fears you have with going to college?

Chara Lyons: Being 6 hours away and leaving my siblings and family.

Tina Charles: How many classes are you taking this semester?

Chara Lyons: I will be taking 3 classes every trimester.

Tina Charles: Was there any other schools you wanted to go to?

Chara Lyons: No, that was my number one school.

Tina Charles: Fill in the blank: I am on a mission to: __________.

Chara Lyons: I am on a mission to CREATE CHANGE.

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