The Inspiring New Yorkers Featured in the Liberty’s #OwnTheCrown Video

Amyra Leon
– Musician, Author, Director, & Activist

Amyra Leon’s work transcends genre and medium focusing on Black liberation, politics, and communal healing. Her aim is to empower communities to believe in the significance of their individual stories. 2020 was a huge year of releases for Amyra resulting in the arrival of her debut album WITNESS, the PBS American Masters: In the Making documentary featuring Amyra’s life and creative process, and her first two books –  Concrete Kids (Penguin Random House) and Freedom, We Sing (Flying Eye Books) hit shelves to great acclaim throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

Aura (Jessica De Jesus)
– Dancer, Singer, & Songwriter

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Aura is a boundless lyricist that enjoys exploring all musical genres. Through her music you’ll notice that she is a relentless empath seeking connection and understanding through music.


Bronx Native
– Community Based Brand

Founded by Roselyn Grullión (sister) and Amaurys Grullión (brother), Bronx Native embodies what The Bronx truly is. The borough is strong, beautiful and ambitious and they intend to expose that by highlighting and embracing our home through apparel, art and media.


The Crabby Shack
– Restaurant


Restauranteurs Fifi and Gwen have roots in the Philadelphia and Chesapeake Bay areas, respectively, where crabs are a popular fare. Fifi’s neighborhoods had crab places serving up Blue crab, Dungeness crab and Alaskan Snow crab and Gwen grew up with a family tradition of crab. Fifi and Gwen were frustrated by the severe lack of crab in New York, and they found themselves frequenting the market in order to make them themselves. It was one night at a dinner party at Gwen’s house when Fifi brought up the idea of opening a crab restaurant. A year later, in 2015, The Crabby Shack was born. Preparing crab perfection became a passion and it became a dream to open a restaurant dedicated to serving delicious crabs in Brooklyn.


Elise Bernhardt
– Floral Designer

President and CEO of Fleur Elise Bkln, Elise Bernhardt, is a producer of site specific dance performances and long time Executive Director of cultural organizations, turned passionate floral designer and teacher. Her team building workshops for non-profits and corporations are extraordinary opportunities for bonding and connecting through creativity with flowers.  Elise’s enthusiasm for flowers and her belief that everyone has an inner creator imbue her classes with positive energy and a sense of collaboration.


New York Grit – Girls’ Youth Basketball Team

Founded by Alan (father) and Victoria (daughter) Fleisher, New York Grit is a New York City girls’ youth basketball team. The team’s goal is to use basketball as a vehicle to foster college readiness within their team, by reinforcing that dedication on the court translates to success in life. New York Grit’s core values are:  accountability, perseverance, growth mindset, and collaboration. As college level athletes, the New York Grit coaching squad has witnessed firsthand the benefits of principles that are uniquely cultivated through high quality experiences on the court.


– Skateboarding School & Shop

Co-Founders Yasuyo Takeo and Kevin Banahan, daughter Iris Banahan, and new born son Finneas Banahan. SkateYogi is a skateboarding school/shop in Prospect park, spreading the culture, creativity and community of skateboarding in Brooklyn and beyond. Their vision is to create a world where our differences are celebrated with peace and respect. ​

Liv Collins is the co-founder of Sk8 Babes and instructor at Skate Yogi. She helps empower the progression of women of all ages in skateboarding.