Rookie Diary: The Empire State by Kia Nurse

With the tenth pick in the 2018 WNBA draft, the New York Liberty selected University of Connecticut’s two-time national champion Kia Nurse. Since transitioning to the WNBA, the rookie guard and Ontario native hasn’t wasted time putting her talents to work. The instant fan favorite is a consistent threat anywhere on the perimeter and a lockup defender. But who is she off the court? This season, Nurse invites you to get to know the person behind the player setting records on the court as she settles into rookie life. Follow along!

Another day, another rookie diary. I guess I’ve been in New York long enough that it was time to start exploring the city. When I first got here I was set on finding all of the small restaurants in Westchester. You know those “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants that have the most delicious food. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead I’ve become friends with the workers at Coldstone, Panera Bread, and Serafina.

Growing up music was always a big component of my life. One year on Christmas morning Santa surprised me with my very own Karaoke machine. After singing P!nk’s “Get This Party Started” a million times, I eventually graduated to all of the High school Musical Karaoke CD’s. With that being said, after constantly belting out Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” I figured it was time to start exploring the concrete jungle that is New York City. If you follow my social media, you know I started my exploration in the most fitting place: Broadway.

Safe to say, I am now obsessed with Wicked. “Defying Gravity” was on repeat for a week on the way to the gym, pregame, before bed, with my green face mask…it had become a regular part of my day. Of course, I had to stop at Magnolia Bakery afterward for my never ending banana pudding craving. I have come to realize there is so much city and so little time. However, it was great to share my world with my friends who came to visit from Canada.

i got expensive habits

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The highlight of my last few weeks was definitely the Jay Z and Beyoncé On the Run II Tour concert. Huge shoutout to Marissa Coleman who found the best seats in the house. I kid you not, Beyoncé walked down the stage runway and I could see her makeup highlight on her cheeks. I was in awe of my absolute favorite performer. I sang my heart out to every song, while Marissa held down all of Jay Z’s songs. Also shoutout to Kiah Stokes for hyping me up as I sang my heart out to “I Care”.

As the season winds down I think back at how fast time has flown. I can’t believe my first year in the WNBA is almost over. I have made new friendships, adjusted to a new lifestyle and coaching staff, and played against some of the best in the world on a nightly basis. But I guess you’ll just have to come back in a week or so to hear more about that in my final rookie diary.