LOVE LOUD with PRIDE: Rose Sias and Judene Walden

New York Liberty love is no ordinary love. As we anticipate our #LOVELOUD PRIDE game on June 28, the New York Liberty will celebrate Liberty love stories that exemplify the spirit of the season.

Meet Judene and Rose, Liberty Loyals who have been married for seven years, and together almost 25. Their love and pride for the Liberty grew wings when the Liberty and Los Angeles Sparks played in the league’s inaugural game in 1997. They are truly day one fans. In addition to their shared passion for the Liberty and WNBA, these mothers share love and devotion towards their 1 ½ year old son and Libs’ kid, Brixton. Enjoy their love story.

New York Liberty: How did you meet?

Judene and Rose: We initially met at New York Pride in ‘94, but made a lifelong reconnection at DC Black Pride in ’95.

New York Liberty: When did you discover your shared love for the Liberty?

Judene and Rose: The WNBA came into existence shortly after we began dating.  Every season is a reminder and celebration for us and a time to dig in and support our team! We are happy to share the games as a family with our son.

New York Liberty: What’s your favorite Liberty memory as a couple?

Judene and Rose: There are so many to name, but a few that come to our mind are traveling to away games such as Connecticut and even Los Angeles to represent the NY Liberty on the road. Another fond memory includes the Liberty playing at Radio City Music Hall and of course, “The Shot”, T-Spoon’s unforgettable game-winning 3-point buzzer beater against the Houston Comets during Game 2 of the ’99 WNBA Finals.

New York Liberty: What does LOVE LOUD mean to you and how is it embodied through your life and relationship?

Judene and Rose: We feel that LOVE LOUD means to always be your authentic self and stand up for what you believe in. We owe it to ourselves and the generations coming up behind us.

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