LOVE LOUD with PRIDE: Katrina and Michelle

 New York Liberty love is no ordinary love. As we anticipate our #LOVELOUD PRIDE game on June 28, the New York Liberty will celebrate Liberty love stories that exemplify the spirit of the season.

Meet Katrina and Michelle, five-year season ticket holders who met online and are celebrating three years of marriage on June 24. These Liberty Loyals took their sports themed wedding to another level; and made a bold statement in the process. Enjoy their love story. If you’d like to be featured, please email with the subject line LOVE LOUD. 

New York Liberty: When did you discover your shared love for the Liberty?

Katrina and Michelle: We were looking for fun experiences together and stumbled across a Groupon for a game. We went to the game together and had so much fun we left as season ticket holders. That quickly became our favorite season of the year…Liberty season!

New York Liberty: What unique role has the Liberty played in your love story?

Katrina and Michelle: We got married on PRIDE night at Madison Square Garden in the Liberty locker room and then celebrated with 5000 Liberty fans in the arena! That’s one insane wedding reception! To this day people stop us and say ‘you two are the ladies who got married on PRIDE.’ Everyone in the organization, even the players, were so supportive. It’s really a story that will live on forever for us. Our family and friends thought we were crazy but then they saw it happen and experienced the Liberty Love and quickly understood.

New York Liberty: What’s your favorite Liberty memory as a couple?

Katrina and Michelle: We aren’t sure anything can top our wedding; the organization got us jerseys with our names on them and wedding date, and hung them in the locker room with all of the players’ jerseys. It was so special.  Two moments that would be runner-ups would be winning the Breast Cancer auction and getting to have lunch with T-Spoon and Swin Cash; and when Tina Charles won a gold medal in the Olympics and we got to take a photo with her on the court posing with her medal!

New York Liberty: What does LOVE LOUD mean to you and how is it embodied through your life and relationship?

Katrina and Michelle: We LOVE LOUD by being able to be our true selves and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. We unconditionally love and support one another, and we respect each other and other people’s relationships. Because of this, others love, support and respect us as well. We also treat our relationship as normal because it is. When people act like their love is wrong or something that needs to be hidden, that is how others perceive it. We live loud, love loud, and we are having a blast doing it.