Meet Maddie, the Liberty mascot!

Scanning the crowd at New York Liberty games, you will find many exciting and friendly faces, but one face that stands out is the one that belongs to the New York Liberty furry mascot, Maddie.

Unknown to most, Maddie is named after the Liberty’s former home arena, Madison Square Garden, and has been entertaining fans at Liberty games since the WNBA’s inception in 1997.

Like most dogs, Maddie is a lovable dog and is known for a unique personality among the Liberty faithful. Maddie can be found before every game in the Westchester County Center lobby signing autographs and posing for those special pictures. Besides being a Liberty fan favorite, Maddie plays an important role for the team, getting fans on their feet to root the team on to a victory.

Before every game, you will find Maddie doing pushups and getting the Liberty players pumped up for the game. With less than a minute before tip-off, Maddie leads the crowd in a L-I-B-E-R-T-Y chant to spell out our team name at center court. With dazzling dance moves alongside the Torch Patrol, Lil Torches and Timeless Torches, pumping up the jams as well as precise T-shirt launches and mystifying dunks with the Dunkyard Dogs, Maddie is a perfect fit with the New York Liberty!

Every season, one Liberty game is dedicated to this loveable dog…Maddie Day! Bring your friends and family and be sure to come visit Maddie on this special day. You will find Maddie and Air Maddie dancing and celebrating Maddie Day throughout the game.

In addition to on court antics, Maddie is also known for valuable work off the court. Whether it is making appearances at the NBA Store in New York City, at community events in Westchester County or a young Liberty fan’s birthday party, you can always count on Maddie to spread happiness throughout the day.



Full Name
Maddie – named after Madison Square Garden.

June 29, 1997

Depends on how many doggie treats I’ve had

Tail Length
2 and 1/2 feet long

Shoe Size

Wherever Coach puts me, but mostly in the stands with the fans!

Average High 5’s per game

Average Dance Moves per game

Average Hugs per Game



Favorite City
New York City – Duh!

Favorite Shows
Scooby Doo, Clifford and Snoopy

Favorite Movies
Air Bud, Space Jam, 101 Dalmatians, Milo & Otis, Turner & Hooch, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Homeward Bound, Fox the Hound, Love & Basketball

Favorite Snacks
Pupperoni Dog Treats

Favorite Songs
Car Wash and Atomic Dog

Favorite Colors
Blue and Sea foam Green

Favorite Books
Clifford, Lassie, Walter the Farting Dog, Old Yeller, Where’s Spot? – Reading is IMPORTANT to me!



Air Maddie, Mini Maddie, Liberty players and coaches, Liberty Torch Patrol, Timeless Torches, Lil’ Torches, The Dunkyard Dogs, and of course, all Liberty fans!

When the Liberty win, doggie treats, hugs, high 5s, other friendly dogs… oh and shoes… chewing on them of course (as long as they are leather and not stinky!)

Cats, newspapers, leashes, no manners, and when the Liberty lose (grrr, next question!)

Biggest Pet Peeve
The term “Pet Peeve” – what does that really mean?

Hobbies and Specialties
Dancing, dunking, dancing, shooting t-shirts, dancing, playing pranks (especially on opposing teams, their fans and referees), dancing, chasing mailmen around, dancing, reading, dancing, chasing my tail, dancing, watching the Liberty win, dancing and being silly… WAIT! Did I mention dancing??