In the Paint: A Q&A with Kym Hampton

Kym Hampton has been my broadcast partner for this season's New York Liberty games on WNBA Live Access. We have had a lot of fun getting to know one another, while covering such talented and dynamic women. But tonight, instead of taking her seat courtside next to me at the table, she will be center court when her #34 joins Theresa Weatherspoon, Vickie Johnson, Sue Wicks, and Rebecca Lobo as the Liberty's fifth and final Ring of Honor inductee. Not only has she represented the Liberty well as player, but has made just as many contributions as a member of the Liberty staff in Fan Development helping to grow the game and the brand.

So, In preparation for tonight's game, I caught up with Kym for a quick Q&A as she prepares for her big night!

TP: What is your all-time favorite memory/moment from your playing days on the court, and why?
KH: Probably fighting to make it to the WNBA finals in 1997. We weren't playing great basketball at the time but fought together to get there. It was tough because of the single elimination.

TP: What is your all-time favorite memory/moment from your playing days OFF of the court, and why?
KH: Riding the team bus into the tunnel, seeing all the fans at the entrance with signs and cheering for us. When we got off the bus tons of paparazzi were there...It sent chills to know 'Women's basketball has finally arrived.'

TP: What are the biggest ways you feel the WNBA different now from when you played?
KH: The individual talent of the players and the parity of the teams.

TP: What do you see as the most significant milestone(s) in the league?
KH: That owners, the league, fans and players continue to fight to keep this league here.

TP: What are you most struck by seeing the evolution of the women's game over the last 15 years?
KH: How great the game is!

TP: When you began playing, did you ever think you would have an opportunity to be inducted into a professional team's ring of honor?
KH: No, when I started playing and even after graduating from college there wasn't a pro league to support that dream. I figured it would happen one day but not in my playing time.

TP: Who's been your biggest role model?
KH:I wouldn't use the word role model, I'd say "influence." My family,my high school and college coaches.

TP: Favorite opponent to face when playing in WNBA?
KH: Houston & LA

TP: What's your favorite city to visit/play in?
KH: NY :-)

TP: Besides ballin', what are you most passionate about?
KH: Singing, motivating, entertainment

TP: Who wins in a game of HORSE? Me or YOU?
TP: Do I hear a challenge? : )