Holiday Q&A Session: Thorn, Bowen & Davenport

Ready or not, the holiday season is here. Its a busy time of year for everyone  managing endless holiday party invites, navigating the shopping malls and getting those holiday cards in the mail on time. The Liberty players have even more on their plates about now, juggling their travel schedules, overseas play and time off. As if these ladies cant handle it  theyre professionals.

Cue the holiday tunes, as checks in with some players to see how their holiday plans are shaping up. Today, were talking to guards Erin Thorn, Lindsay Bowen and center Jessica Davenport.

Did you begin your holiday shopping yet?
Thorn: Nope!
Bowen: Not yet, but I really need to get going on that.
Davenport: Yes, Im almost done.

Do you do your shopping online or in person?
Thorn: I do a little of both.
Bowen: Usually in person, but if I find something online I would buy it.
Davenport: I shop online.

Who will you spend the most money on this season?
Thorn: Im not sure yet.
Bowen: Im not sure since I havent gone shopping yet.
Davenport: My sister.

Best present you ever received?
Thorn: Getting time with my family and friends.
Bowen: A digital camera.
Davenport: A new bike.

Worst present you ever received?
Thorn: Ronald McDonald pajamas from my crazy grandma.
Bowen: A purse made out of jean material..haha!
Davenport: A candy cane.

What's the one item you are hoping to receive the most this season?
Thorn: A boyfriend (hope Santa reads this!).
Bowen: A cross necklace
Davenport: A Nintendo DS, which I can clearly buy myself but since it is Christmas, Id rather receive it as a gift from someone.

Who decorates around the house?
Thorn: I do, when Im home.
Bowen: My mom and I usually do the decorating, while listening to Christmas music.
Davenport: Whoever owns the house will decorate. I hardly ever decorate, myself.

Who will you be spending the holidays with?
Thorn: My family and friends.
Bowen: My immediate family and then we will go to my moms side of the family in the afternoon.
Davenport: Everyone. Theres a system to how I visit the family.

Where will you be spending the holidays?
Thorn: Utah and Las Vegas.
Bowen: In Michigan, with my family.
Davenport: In Columbus.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
Thorn: YES!!
Bowen: Yes, I always am. Its so much prettier, and that is what makes it so exciting.
Davenport: No. I hope it does not snow or rain. Its ok if its cold, though.

Do you open presents after midnight or when you wake up?
Thorn: I open them when I wake up.
Bowen: When we wake up in the morning, we open them.
Davenport: When I wake up.

Real or artificial tree?
Thorn: Real.
Bowen: Real.
Davenport: Artificial.

Favorite Christmas cookie?
Thorn: Anything with frosting on it!
Bowen: Decorated sugar cookies.
Davenport: My mom was not much of a baker, so we put out the store bought cookies for Santa. Oreos are good :)

Favorite Christmas carol?
Thorn: Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Bowen: Deck the Halls
Davenport: I dont know.

Favorite holiday movie?
Thorn: Elf
Bowen: Honestly, I havent even seen a Christmas movie. Im not a big movie person.
Davenport: A Christmas Story

Favorite reindeer?
Thorn: Dancer
Bowen: The most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph.
Davenport: Rudolph

Which celebrity would you want to be stuck under the mistletoe with?
Thorn: Paul Walker
Bowen: Tim McGraw
Davenport: Boris Kodjoe from Love & Basketball.

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