Ros Gold-Onwude

In the midst of holiday season had the chance to catch up with a few of the Liberty players and staff. We had some fun as we move into the New Year. We asked the players and staff, if you could give any one or two of your Liberty teammates or staff gifts for 2013, what would you get them? And these were their answers.

At first the question roused a big laugh out of 2012 All-WNBA First Team selection guard Cappie Pondexter. Then she gave it some thought, I can only give two people gifts? OK, Ill stick with Rutgers family, my former college teammates Kia Vaughn and Essence Carson. Pondexter, also the CEO of 4 Seasons Style Management, her own image and fashion consulting firm, immediately gravitated towards fashion pieces. Clothes, my mind automatically goes to clothes or accessories people need in their wardrobe. For Kia, she has a cute style; Id probably get her some cute earrings or a skirt. Probably a pencil style skirt- she would definitely rock that, she mused. Cappie continued, And for Essence, well Essences style is kind of like mine, so shell want something edgy. Maybe a cool ring or a cool bracelet, said Santa Pondexter.

Other Liberty players and staff shared their gift ideas, too!

Shooting guard Essence Carson returned the favor with a gift for Cappie Pondexter as well as a thoughtful present for the veteran, Plenette Pierson. I'd get Plenette an Easy-Bake Oven for her love of baking and Cappie a set of Barbies with the carrying case for her daily styling duties. Then she added with a laugh, I'm sure they'd love their gifts.

Kitchen ready gifts were a common answer for the players who chose a present for Liberty forward, Plenette Pierson. New Yorks 2012 rookie, Kelley Cain, said she would surprise her fellow post with a gift that keeps on giving, I would give Plenette lots of cooking ware so she can continue to make her delicious desserts and give them to the team. Not surprisingly, Cain also picked her fellow 2012 rookie and team-buddy, Katelan Redmon, for the next gift. I would give Red (Katelan) some brand-spanking-newcowboy boots because all she did this summer was talk about how much she wanted a pair, joked Cain.

Guard/Forward Alex Montgomery picked out gifts for Essence Carson and Kara Braxton. Id get Essence a snap back hat. Simply because she likes hats, said Alex of the musical and stylish Carson. Next she explained her choice for Liberty center Kara Braxton, Id get Kara headphones because she is ALWAYS misplacing them!

Liberty legend Kym Hampton chimed in with a prophetic gift for the entire New York Liberty organization. The best gift of 2013 for the franchise, the fans, and me, of course, would be A WNBA CHAMPIONSHIP RING!!!! Hampton proclaimed emphatically.

And lastly, what do I, Ros, want to give to the Liberty players as a gift for the year 2013? As a New York Liberty analyst and reporter I have the opportunity to get to know the players, their commitments, their schedules, and their responsibilities well. These women are focused, dedicated and extremely busy. Often moving from one season to another, straight from WNBA springs and summers, to overseas autumns and winters, with a few days here and there to be at home with their loved ones. My gift to these players would be a thirteenth month. One extra month in the year 2013 to just chill out, relax, and spend time with the people they care about most in whatever place they call home.

To the fans, have a happy and wonderful New Year. Cheers to a successful and exciting 2013 season!