Essence Of The Off-Season

Essence Carson logged the best season of her young WNBA career in 2009, with a career-high 10 points and two rebounds per game. Instead of packing her bags to head overseas into another basketball season, the New Jersey native headed home. She is taking some time to give her mind and body a rest, and will live amongst us commoners until her overseas plan comes together. Sure hooping it up is still a part of her day in the off-season from the WNBA, but Carson is enjoying time with her family in the good old homeland.

While the second-year guard was pitching in some time in the community earlier this week, took a minute to catch up with her for a quick off-season update.

What was the first thing you did on your first day off?
I relaxed and thought about the season. Then I packed up my stuff and moved back home.

Is basketball a part of your daily life in the off-season?
Yes it is. It will always be. I play pick up at a couple of gyms with guys to improve my game since they are bigger, faster and stronger than I am.

When do you plan to go overseas?
Right now it is to be determined. Im just enjoying being with the family.

Have you seen any movies recently?
Yes, I saw the LeBron premiere for his documentary, and also saw Paranormal Activity. The LeBron one was very inspiring. I took my little brother, and it was good for him to see it. Paranormal Activity, it was decent. It wasnt as scary as I thought it would be. I thought it was like that reality TV show -- I can't remember the name of it.

Will you travel anywhere during the off-season before you head overseas or stay in the tri-state area?
No, I'm going to stay in the tri-state area.

Who have you been keeping in touch with lately?
I was talking to Tiff, a little while ago.

How has Twitter changed your life?
I love Twitter. The fans love Twitter. And its just a great way to interact with them.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Tootsie Rolls and mini Reeses cups.

What is the worst costume you ever wore on Halloween?
I guess it was a pirate. I thought it was fine. That's really the only one I remember.

Are you going to be dressing up this year?
No. I'm too old for Halloween.

Catch Carson and the Liberty all summer long at Madison Square Garden for the 2010 WNBA season. Season ticket plans are on sale now by clicking here or calling 212-465-6073.