What Are You Thankful For?

November 21, 2006 - New York, NY - With Thanksgiving upon us, we are reminded of all of the things that we should be thankful for in our lives. Thriving in the WNBA for the past 10 years and having wonderful fans are just some of the things that the Liberty can be thankful for. Here are a few more...

Pat Coyle: I am very thankful for my family and friends.

Kiesha Brown: I am most thankful for the life that God and my parents have given me. I try to enjoy every minute of it, and try to look at the cup as being half full. My family, close friends, and experiences make my life enjoyable. Why not smile?

Cathrine Kraayeveld: I am thankful to be alive, healthy and happy. I am thankful for great family, friends and support system, and for knowing I am always loved and supported by the people around me. And I am thankful for the opportunity to play basketball for a living.

Nick DiPillo: I'm thankful for the health and happiness of my family and loved ones.

Sherill Baker: Im thankful for my family and friends, and being able to do what I love at the highest level, which is playing basketball.

Ashley Battle: I am thankful for being in a place where it doesn't snow in the winter! And I'm very thankful that I get to spend this Thanksgiving with my mother here in Spain.

Loree Moore: I am thankful for my family and the people in my life that have helped me see my own self-worth and all that I am truly blessed with.

Kelly Schumacher: Im thankful for my friends and family who love and support me. I am also thankful for my opportunities in life. Without these opportunities I wouldnt be able to reach my goals or strive to do new things.

We hope that you have plenty to be thankful for this year. The Liberty is grateful for all of its loyal fans, and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!