Off the Court with Alex Montgomery

Alex, can you tell us something, non- basketball related, that no one knows about you?
(Smiles) I like to do hair. I like to braid hair.

What styles can you do?
For braiding I can do designs like zigzags and criss-crosses. I have also done a weave or two in my day, mostly sew-ins.

So are you moonlighting as a hairdresser on the side? Is this a business- do you charge people?
(Laughs) No, its for free. I do it for fun. I did hair for little kids and my brothers when I was younger. Wed just sit in the living room. Id sit on the couch and theyd sit on a pillow. In college I used to twist the dreads of some of the football players and gave Iman Shumpert a lineup when we were both at Georgia Tech. Its just something I do in my free time.

Can you do your own hair or do you go to a hair stylist?
I can do my own. When I play overseas there arent many options so I put my hair in plaits. I seldom go to the hair salon but Ill go for a wash and set. I try to avoid too much heat and the flat iron.

Who taught you how to do hair?
My mom did. She was a beautician. When we were younger people used to come to the house to get their hair done. I used to watch her and then practice on my dolls.

Is it hard to maintain your hair as an athlete?
Its very hard! You sweat a lot as an athlete. So even if you do get your hair done, once you sweat it will start to curl up and youll lose the straightness and soft flow of your hairstyle. A lot of people end up using heat and blow dryers to freshen up their hair style but soon youll get split ends and damage. I know that for a lot of African American female athletes, many decide to get weaves and extensions. Weaves arent my style though.

Do WNBA players pay a lot of attention to their hair? Is this an area of major importance?
Its 50/50. For our team, we kind of have a throw on a head and go type of team. We care more about appearances off the court that on it. When were on the court its nothing but business.

Whats your game day look?
Ill wear a slicked back ponytail or a big poof-ball ponytail.

Which teammate's hair would you like to do?
Nicole Powells. Id like to straighten it. Her hair is long and pretty- should be fun.

Ok, one final question, not having to do with hair.

You are Alex Montgomery of Cookie Challenge fame. How were you able to get a cookie from your forehead into your mouth without using your hands?!
HA! I dont even know. It was my first time trying that during our team media day. Now I hear about it all the time. (laughs). People yell out, Ill buy you some cookies!