10 Questions with Kelley Cain

1. What do you like to do when you're not playing basketball?

I like to sleep and watch movies in my spare time. Occasionally I read and crochet.

2. What do you care about?

I really care about breast cancer because my grandmother, my mom's best friend, and one of my college coaches had breast cancer.

3. What's the one item that you cannot live without?

My iPod. I love music!

4. If you had a dinner at your house and could invite three people (living or dead, famous or not), who would they be?

President Obama, comedian Kevin Hart & Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers

5. What made you first decide to pick up a basketball and play?

My dad used to coach my brothers when I was younger, and I wanted to do everything my brothers did.

6. What do you love about NY Liberty fans?

I love NY Liberty fans because they are dedicated and support us no matter what.

7. When you retire, what do you want fans to say about you?

I want them to say I was team player and that I represented them well.

8. What's your favorite app(s)?

My GPS app and Shazam.

9. What's your favorite television show(s)?

Scandal & Dexter

10. What's the last movie you saw, and how would you rate it (1 star to 5 stars)?

Think Like A Man. 5 out of 5 stars.